2008 is going to be a special year for gamers all over.  It is the Year of the Fighter.  With so many great fighters making it's appearance in 2008, there will be more choices than ever and we'll prepare the best we can to support the needs of the Pro Gamer in you.   We did not forget however, the shooter fans and over time, will offer a nice selection for the Sony PS2, PSP and whatever other system it may be released on. 
For now, we have decided to jump into the portable gaming and home console market, starting off with some SNK, Capcom, Konami and maybe even some Nintendo favorites.  So check back with us in about a week and check out the new goodies we'll be adding to the store. 
We've been flooded with emails regarding the message above and to be clear, we will continue what we love most, which is Pro Arcade Gaming Gear, but will also add to our mix with console software and possibly systems in the future.  We're flattered by all the kind remarks and concerns and will see all of you within a week or less.  Game on!!
Email us at sales (at) snk-capcom (dot) com if you have any questions.  All orders placed before this message have been shipped. 
Thanks in advance for your patience.
Arcade Shock Staff

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